Hello! We Are Not Another IT Consultancy Company

Solving challenges through professional Solution sprints

Every business faces difficulties acquiring top-notch expertise. Our mission is to assemble teams of industry-leading experts from various companies for a short periods of time. Together, we’ll form a dynamic hackathon team that will tackle your challenge head-on and deliver results within just a few days. Great minds think alike – we bring together a collective of technical wizards, diverse coders and visionary thinkers.

Experts in NAICC Community​

The Best experts to solve your challenges in three days

NAICC is a fully independent service provider and we want to match best & most suitable teams with customer business needs. We offer our Solution sprints as a service to our customers and partners. Compared to normal hackathon events, our process is more professional and customer value oriented;  Focusing especially on customer need clarification and results.

The most exciting challenges

NAICC Hackathons provide a unique environment for gaining experience and showcasing your skills. We coach our customers and participants thoroughly so that our NAICC community members can show their best work during our Hackathons. Each participant also gets fairly compensated for their time and expertise (500€ – 1000€ per day).

Most cost-effective way to work

Pay for the results, not just the hours. Not every challenge requires a project, our solution sprints can be used in various ways. Support your own development team by getting external experts, Start a new project and hit the ground running with a proof of concept or even an MVP. 

Great minds think alike
Join our network

Are you an expert searching for a new adventure and some variation to your daily work? Do you feel that you are a bit stuck in your current project and you feel that you aren’t learning or developing yourself anymore. We are seeking brilliant minds like yours to join our expanding network of
top experts.  Your current work status can be in product company, in consultation company or you work as a freelancer – we don’t mind.

In a NAICC hackathon, we thrive on challenges and continuous learning. We believe that the best way to grow is by surrounding ourselves with the industry’s finest talent. If you’re ready to be part of a team that values collaboration, innovation, and personal development, then we have the perfect opportunity for you. Together, let’s achieve greatness and revolutionize the software development industry!

No long-term commitment

We  Are not a consultancy, our objective is not to hire experts, but to borrow them from their regular workplaces. We offer a break from the mundane and a challenge to boost learning and innovation. We want to give the experts freedom and flexibility. 

Get to know the
best of the best

NAICC Hackathons gather a diverse group of people, often from various disciplines, educational backgrounds and career backgrounds. This is a great environment for networking, learning from peers, and potentially meeting future collaborators.

Experience more than anyone

Hackathons provide a unique environment for gaining experience and understanding different kinds of businesses. We coach the events thoroughly so that our NAICC community members can show their best work during our Hackathons and prove that they are the best of the best.

Get fair compensation

NAICC’s pricing model is completely transparent to our customers and expert participants. Experts get compensated up to 1000€ for each day they participate depending on their track record and customer feedback.

Frequently asked questions

We found that buying custom IT efficiently is nearly impossible. For consultancies there is an incentive to only work on large projects. So we wanted to make it easy for our customers and fun for the experts. We want to sincerely focus on value creation by borrowing the best expertise and minimizing time spent on bureaucracy. 

We are independent and determined to stay that way, we do not want to compete with consulting companies or create our own products.
The NAICC Hackathons should be considered first and foremost as events where you can learn, network and earn a bit of extra money.

We welcome all experts: Freelancers, New entrepreneurs wanting to fund their ideas, Full time employees from consultancies and product companies, Part timers wanting to supplement their income and spend more time off work.

Our customers come in all shapes and sizes, before each hackathon we will make sure that there are no conflicts with non compete contracts or NDA’s. When in doubt, please ask your employer to make sure there will be no issues down the line and respect your NDA:s and don’t join a hackathon for a customer that is directly competing with your employer or current customer.

Best experts without any unnecessary hassle. During our Hackathons the experts are allowed to focus purely on results and solving problems. All the other noise of large scale projects is removed. If it does not help the team solve this immediate problem it gets left out.

Once you've filled out the skills questionnaire we will evaluate your skill level and we might contact you for more details if questions arise.
Once a suitable challenge pops up we will start negotiating the price and timetable with you and your team. You can suggest team members that you know you work well with or we can find you a team.

From each Hackathon:

We reserve the majority for the experts. minimum of 60% (20% each)

We reserve approximately 20%  for facilitating the event

We reserve approximately 20% for profit

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